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Is Self-Talk a permanent solution for transforming your life?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Before we start how would you rate yourself on the scale of 1-10 when it comes to measuring your faith? Take your time and observe! You see faith is a really beautiful thing that gives you power to stay confident in all my days whether good or bad, to make right decisions and strengthen your self-belief. It also helps in improving your relationship with yourself and encourages you to love yourself.

Now the question is how do we strengthen our faith? What do you think the answer should be? By believing in ourselves? Well yes you’re close. The answer is talking to oneself plus believing and guiding oneself. It sounds very simple but it takes efforts and consistency to build that however once you build that you will be thriving in your life, your faith will thrive, you as a whole will thrive!

So let us dig in furthermore to know how talking to oneself can help strengthen one’s faith. Self-Talk is basically having a word with one self, you can also say, it is more like self-speech. You see, every word that we say to ourselves is important. Every word matter. Your words shape you on all levels, internally and externally. For example, try this, say “I love you” to your heart and smile towards it, you will immediately notice a sensation which is so lovable, basically your heart is saying “I love you too”. Three simple letters made such powerful impact on your heart, imagine what impact it will have on your brain, on your mind.

Your mind reacts to every word. Whatever you say, it will do it for you. If you set up your brain for failure, then all the arrangements will be made by your brain. If you set your mind for success, then you will head towards success. So stop cursing yourself and suit up your head and heart for success!

Here’s what you have to do to strengthen your faith:

1) Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! Clear the clutter of thoughts in your head and heart and start afresh

2) Set the intention, say these words to yourself “I will now focus on improving my faith fully and completely

3) Be aware of your mind and heart, focus on them, now say these lines to yourself, “My faith is my ultimate guide. My faith is strong, powerful and miraculous. Whenever I have to make a decision I look for guidance within myself. I love myself. I trust myself. I believe in myself. I am Me. I am proud to be Me. I am the faith in me

4) Breathe again one last time

How do you feel? Miraculous, Isn’t it? Well this is the power of self-talks. Practice this regularly, always remember consistency is the key so keep it going.

For more self-talk statements like this, head on to “Self Talk Show” and live your desired life by rewiring your brain!

And lastly, yes Self-Talk is the permanent solution for sure!

Thank you for taking out time for reading this blog. See you with another life changing blog like this.

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