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Disrupting Self-Doubt

Have you ever been in the self-doubt mode? Thinking of pursuing your most desired goal but hesitating because you feel whether I will be able to do it or not? Is it for me? Or Am I for it? Self-doubt is so consuming and confusing at the same time! It makes us doubt so much that we almost become cynical about our own self and ultimately decide to draw back from our goal or dream. And this decision eats us the whole of our life, full of regret and blame! Blaming either the situation or someone wherein we ourselves are the culprit! I know I have been there; I have been in such situations. Self-doubt consumed me, it filled me with so much fear, so much regret, so much at loss. In reality, it still consumes me sometimes but to a very low level, the thing is as soon as it hits me I switch the mode of self-doubt into self-love and self-worthiness, we are human beings after all, no one is perfect and no one can be, but yes it does hurt me too. Call it a subconscious programming or whatsoever “Self-doubt” is worse than depression or anxiety or any other feeling. It rots you, degrades you, makes us start to self-hate, self-sabotage! It leads us to doubt our abilities, our values, our faith, our definition of life and our life purposes.

Just imagine how hard our life becomes, living with such a feeling where we have lost ourselves to “Self-doubt”, walking with a cloudy mind, praying that this will end soon but it keeps growing and growing every time we face any situation or thinking of performing a task or even a small simple goal. It is sad and yes, scary! It shakes you, screws you in a way! Even when I am writing this blog, I feel shaken, my heartbeats are rising because I feel the same what you’re feeling right now. Any opportunity strikes, or you feel that now you have to move out from your comfort zone or you have to face change, our beloved “Self-doubt” kicks in saying that “listen, you know you can’t do it right? So why taking risk? Just stay where you are, you will be safe!”. But when I think about what my self-doubt just said, I ask these questions to myself:

1) Where is the danger? Am I being threatened from someone or something? If yes, then who? And whom am I keeping myself safe from?

2) Is living in the same situation or scenario does any good to me? Is it helping me grow?

3) Is risk taking not worth it? Will risk harm me in some way? And if yes, then will it be that bad?

4) Most Importantly, why I can’t do it? If I have all the resources like myself, my brain, hands, legs and even my soul then what is so hard that I can’t do it?

Guess what you get answers to all of these immediately, if not immediately then later in sometime but you do receive answers. And when you do, you automatically start to realize what you were doing to yourselves, how capable you are and how much time you wasted and invested believing those self-doubts instead of believing in yourself!

See, the thing is self-doubt live within us and it will never leave your side but if you start focusing on your good side, your capabilities, abilities, what you have and ignoring and disrupting all the self-doubts that comes your way then you will move towards growth, you will step into the self-love zone! If this is difficult for you then, just imagine or think about your favorite game be it football, hockey, cricket, motorsport or any other game. Put yourself now into your favorite sportsperson’s shoe, now imagine you are that sportsperson, think of different strategies, game plan etc. and play the game with that winning streak. Trust me this will help you raise your self-confidence and also strengthen the faith in you!

So now with me, say these beautiful three self-talk statements or affirmations:

1) I am a winner

2) I am able and capable to achieve anything in life

3) I have faith in myself, I am a self-believer

Hope this blog helps you overcome your self-doubts. If you have any questions, then please email me on Always remember, I am here for you and I always have your back!

Thank you for the read!

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