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Unleash Your Power: Seize Control and Break Free from Life's Monotonous Patterns!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

They say our minds hold the key to our destiny, and indeed they do. Yet, many accomplished leaders believe that we can seize success and shape the life we desire by assuming control over our own existence. But how, you may wonder? Rest assured, it doesn't involve replacing your brain or attempting to function like a mind—far from it! So, what exactly can you do and how can you do it? How does one truly take charge of their own life? The answer is surprisingly simple: by providing the right instructions to your brain. Yes, you read that correctly! For instance, if you repeatedly affirm, "I am terrible at remembering names," your brain, particularly your subconscious mind, will ensure that this becomes your reality—it will guarantee that you forget names. Conversely, if you affirm, "I am skilled at remembering names," your brain will work its magic to ensure that you recall them effortlessly.

Think of our brain as a powerful computer, with us as the users. Whatever we feed into the system, it faithfully produces as output. It doesn't discern between positive and negative, but simply acts upon the instructions it receives.

Now consider the millions upon millions of lines of code that have been fed into our minds—not only by ourselves, but also by our parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, classmates, colleagues, bosses, and various other influences like news, newspapers, movies, and social media. It is this vast accumulation of programming that often prevents us from being the masters of our own lives. Negative patterns, destructive coding, and detrimental conditioning hinder our progress instead of propelling us forward. But fear not! We can rewire our minds, take back control, and input the right, positive instructions to our system, to our brain.

Imagine wanting to meet a friend at Coffee Café Day (CCD) on MG Road, but accidentally selecting the CCD on FC Road instead. Naturally, you end up at the wrong location. See how a simple misdirection can disrupt your meeting? And we all know what follows after such blunders—we berate ourselves for being inattentive and foolish, perpetuating negative patterns and perpetually looping in our old programming. This self-sabotage not only harms us mentally and emotionally, but it also invites physical ailments and erodes our overall well-being. Hence, it is crucial to feed our brain the right instructions to retrain and retune our subconscious mind—the fertile womb of all creations.

We must be mindful and conscious of the messages we convey to ourselves, for every thought and word carries weight. The choice is ours: to undermine ourselves or fill our beings with affirmations that propel us towards greatness. Moreover, cultivating self-love not only strengthens our relationship with ourselves—which is paramount—but also enhances our connections with others. The rule is simple: when our self-relationship flourishes, so do our other relationships. By valuing ourselves, we come to appreciate the value of relationships, even those with strangers. We learn to treasure not just the connection, but the person themselves.

So, how about embarking on a journey of self-improvement and nurturing our relationship with ourselves?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Take a deep breath and free your mind from distractions.

  2. Set your intention by affirming these words to yourself: "From this moment onward, I will focus on loving myself, improving my relationship with myself, and striving towards becoming the best version of me."

  3. Begin writing a beautiful love story with yourself, using these empowering self-talk statements: "I am deeply in love with myself. I am a vessel of love. I hold immense affection for who I am. I am kind-hearted, intelligent, and wise. I have the capacity to handle any situation with grace. I am extraordinary. I am phenomenal. I possess boundless strength and power. I consistently make sound decisions in life, guided by thorough analysis. I respect myself wholly. I forgive myself wholeheartedly. I am enough. I am Me, and I am proud of it."

  4. Finally, take one last deep breath, allowing a sense of calm and fulfillment to wash over you.

Make this exercise a daily practice, incorporating it into your routine. Indulge yourself with self-love and care. You may also consider tuning in to the "Self Talk Show," where you will find recordings on self-love, self-esteem, and an array of self-talk statements to enhance various aspects of your life.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey. Until next time!


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