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Take control and break the pattern of monotony in your life!

Updated: May 5, 2021

It is said that our brain controls our life and yes, that’s true however many successful leaders say that you can succeed and live your desired life by taking charge of your life. So the question is how? Obviously you won’t be replacing your brain and functioning like your mind (literally No!). So what exactly you do and how you do it? How one can take charge of their life? Well the answer is very simple! Giving right instructions to your brain, that’s correct! For example, if you say that “I am so bad at remembering names” then your brain and specially your subconscious mind will make sure that this thing happens, it will make sure that you forget names. And if you say that “I am good in remembering names then it will make sure that you remember names.

You see our brain is like computer and we are the user! Whatever we feed in the system, it will give you the output accordingly. It doesn’t know the difference between positive or negative, it just does it!

Now we have millions and millions of code fed in, not just by us but our parents, sibling, neighbors, teachers, classmates, colleagues, boss, other influences like news, newspaper, movies, social media etc that’s the sole reason why we are not the in-charge of our life, the negative pattern, negative coding, negative conditioning breaks our life instead of making it! But we can retune it, we can take control by retraining our mind and feeding right, positive instructions into our system, into our brain. Let’s assume you want to visit Coffee Café Day(CCD) that’s located in MG Road to meet a friend but instead of putting the right location of CCD that’s located in MG Road, you select CCD that’s located in FC Road. Now obviously it will take you to the CCD located in FC Road. You see how a simple wrong instruction can mess up your meeting! And you know what happens after we mess up right! We start to curse ourselves for being non-attentive and stupid and then this pattern starts to build and ultimately leads us to another negative pattern or continuation to our old programming. This way we are harming ourselves, killing ourselves, inviting various diseases, ruining our mental health. Therefore, it is important to put up right instructions to our brain in order to retrain, retune our subconscious mind. Subconscious is the womb of all creations. We need to very careful and be conscious of what are we saying to ourselves because everything matters! The choice is in our hands, whether we want to sabotage ourselves or fill oneself up with all the praises that will help us be an achiever. Self-love also improves the relationship with oneself which is actually most important. The rule is simple, if our self-relationship is thriving then our other relationship too will thrive! Because self-relationship makes one realize the value of a relationship, even if it’s with a stranger. One will not just value relationship but the person as well.

So how about we work on improving our relationship with oneself?

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Breathe Deeply! Free your mind!

2) Set an intention, say these words to yourself “From now on, I will focus on loving myself, improving relationship with myself, working towards a better me

3) Let’s start a love story with oneself by using these self-talk statements, “I am in love with me. I am love. I like myself so much. I am amicable, intelligent and wise. I can handle any situation. I am amazing. I am incredible. I am powerful. I am strong. I always make right decisions in life with high level of analysis. I respect myself. I forgive myself. I am enough. I am Me. I am proud to be Me

4) Deep Breathe one last time

Practice this exercise every day. Add it to your daily routine. Pamper yourself with all the love. You can also listen to “Self Talk Show”, where you will find self-talk tape on self-love and self-esteem and more self-talk statements for improving other areas in life.

Thank you for the read. See you with another life transforming blog :)

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