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Small Steps, Big Impact?

Updated: May 5, 2021

“Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within the power to change the world” –Andy Andrew

Doesn’t this powerful quote remind you of ripple effect example? Or Butterfly effect?

Ripple Effect theory coined by George Kelling say one action or event can cause continued and progressive results for example, a stone thrown in an undisturbed water results into formation of multiple, continuous and progressive or increasing rings in it. This term is often used in macroeconomics.

Butterfly Effect is a wonderful concept formulated by well-known American meteorologist Edward N. Lorenz to highlight the possibility that small changes may have momentous effect. Let us further dissect this concept, in his talks titled as “Does the flap of Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set a Tornado in Texas?” Lorenz briefed about one event becoming the cause and effect or resultant to other two events. He also made it clear to consider this title in its literal form and it do not affirm an answer to it. However, now it is used as a metaphor in very diverse contexts, mostly outside the field of science. He stressed over two different environmental issue can be influenced by a single butterfly’s flap of wings that can have bigger impact in the future such as Tornado in Texas which might bring instability in the environment. So the idea behind this theory is a single small event can be the cause of a bigger occurrence of event or can actually bring change.

Let us assume that a person named Jonathan, a banker by profession gets to know about a time travel machine that’s luckily being developed by his best friend. Jonathan is very much unhappy with his profession, he wanted to be an automotive designer however due to some circumstance he had to made that decision and still repents it. He decides to travel back to the time wherein he made this decision of selecting banking as his field of profession. He travels back, alter his decision and comes back to the present. He observes that his office environment is very strange and after investigating he finds out that he is working as a senior successful automotive engineer in BMW. You see a small alteration in the past changed his whole present. What we learn from this story? One action or step can lead to drastic changes.

Similarly, if you’re too unhappy in some area of your life, then take action don’t sit back and cry over fate! One simple action can turn your world upside down. This action doesn’t mean travelling back in time, we’re not blessed with time travel machine ;) For example, if you feel very stressed due to work then you always can’t stay in that stressed state the whole day or week or month or year or maybe years, isn’t it? You have to shift yourself from stressed state to the positive or normal one because unconsciously you’re harming yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and all the people nearby you thereby spreading this stress in the environment in the form of negativity and anger. Now who can change that? It’s YOU! You have to step forward to this change. Well how you can do that?

Follow these steps:

1. Observe your stress level

2. Choose a place where you’re undisturbed

3. Breathe slowly and deeply

4. Say these lines to yourself: “I am a calm person”, “I can handle anything in life”, “I am a winner”, “My mind and heart are the solution to every problem or situation”, “I can deal with any situation very easily”, “I am so relaxed”, “I am so much in love with myself”, “Because I love myself, I spread love everywhere”, “I am Me”, “I am proud to be Me”.

5. Lastly breathe again slowly and deeply and see the magic!

Did you observe how simple was that? one small action of calming yourself down can create such a ripple effect or butterfly effect. Adding this practice to your daily routine can do wonders.

Well if you like you can also listen to “Self Talk Show” that consist of various self-talk statements covering almost every area in life. Our motive is to help people become their self-coach and self-motivator so that they do not need to look outside for help or motivation and also to empower yourself for a permanent transformational change.

Hope you find this blog informative and helpful. Thank you for the read and see you next time with another mind blowing blog!

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