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Your Life is Your “Responsibility”!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Every action leads to some result or consequence whether is good or bad that depends on action. But you won’t disagree that what we are today or in whatever situation are all because of our actions that we took, our decisions, the steps we opted for. For example, Harsh is an IT engineer working in a mid-level not so renowned IT firm in his hometown. He is desperately looking for better opportunity so that his earnings improve, so that he can apply for loan to purchase his own house and live a better life. Now he receives a great offer to work in a well renowned IT firm that is located in a metro city and demands of him to shift to the work place. As Harsh is uncomfortable with the change and not ready to leave his comfort zone, he makes some kind of excuse and refuse the offer. With this step, he not only stopped his growth but also put a halt on owning his dream house. Harsh is working in the same company, cringing and cursing his fate (or kismet) regarding his situation that he is in. If he would have accepted the offer, what do you think his life would have been? Obviously better, at least better than what he is in right now.

Jack Canfield said, “All the things that you wish for is on the other side of the fear”. We all have to agree that we are fearful of something whether it’s the change, or height or what so ever. However, we certainly can’t put the whole blame on ourselves because whatever action we take are based on our “mind programming and conditioning” that was influenced by our parent’s words, neighbor’s, teacher’s, sibling’s, friends’, colleagues, news, social media and more. When we were kids and were not able to sail our mind’s ship then those were the words maybe positive or negative for example, you are unworthy, you’re incapable or so, coming to positive words, you are so beautiful, you’re stronger than you think etc were fed into our brain. Those words form various behavioral pattern that are now influencing our actions, our decisions. It’s like we are moving in circles, behaving in the similar fashion when any decision making situation arises, attracting the same situations, people etc. It’s more like we are thinking the same thoughts, our reactions are same, our response haven’t changed! This is what stopping those individuals who want to break free from their monotony and live their dream life.

Well it’s not too late! You can still achieve all your goals, whether it’s career, or improving your relationship or whichever area you are struggling with, you can change it by changing the course of your action and that can be changed once you work on changing your mind pattern, your behavioral pattern by using repetitive technique. Your behavioral pattern is being formed by those repeating words that you heard from parents or loved ones or from whomsoever which was constantly getting stored in your mind’s store room and is still getting stored, like even right now. Changing your mind’s conditioning will change your thoughts, emotions, feelings, your response as well that will influence your actions because you take actions based on your belief system and that belief system is again controlled by your mind’s conditioning and programming.

So here’s what you have to do. You need to talk to your self repetitively, you need to talk positive to yourself. Your self-talk will not only change and break your mind’s programming but will also improve your self-relationship with yourself. The technique is simple, all you have to do is listen to the self-tapes covering the area you’re struggling with, every day and that’s it. But one should be consistent and determined as well towards these self-tapes. If you like, you can explore “Self Talk Show” that consists of various self-talk tapes covering different areas of your life and in fact you can even get in touch with us on if you have any questions or suggestions or requests. Well before you start opting for this technique there are three important things you have to do:

1. Accept: It is very important to accept all the words that are coming your way from these self-tapes. It will help in breaking and building a new incredible mind pattern within you.

2. Be open minded: Do not think anything. Just be open, don’t make any judgements, just listen.

3. Breathe: Before you start listening to these self-tapes or self-tape, take three breaths in and out. While listening to the tape, take deep breaths in between whenever you feel like. It will clear your mind and eliminate any incoming thought or bring your attention back if you flew away with some thought.

And last but not the least, do not listen to the self-tape while driving or working on machinery or doing some important work that requires your attention.

I hope you found this blog informative and eye opening. I will be back with another informative blog. Thank you!

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