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3 Self-Care Tips that can instantly make you fall in love with yourself!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

It is very important to treat yourself in the most righteous way because you deserve it and that’s what you always do to others right? You treat them so lovingly then why not shed this love towards yourself first? So before you fall in love with someone else, first fall in love with yourself! Your relationship with yourself matter because “You Matter”. The first and the foremost relationship should be with yourself, consider this as the most important relationship, prioritize yourself first and that’s not selfishness that’s self-love! So let us focus on improving your relationship with yourself with these 3 self-caring and loving tips that will change your life permanently:

1) Admire yourself: Look into the mirror, observe every feature on your face, see the color of your eyeballs, shape of your nose, lips, does it resemble with anything? Now move forward with other parts of your body, your shoulder, arms, limbs, legs, knees, foot, back etc. Shed all the love to all parts of your body. Now admire how amazing you are, what a beautiful soul you are, your nature, your actions are so pure and incredible. Praise yourself!

2) Write a song or a poem or a paragraph or listen to the songs that are relatable, celebrate yourself! Add these lines to your song or poem or paragraph: I am love, I am awesome, I celebrate myself, I am worthy, I am impeccable, I am miraculous!

3) Be grateful to every part of your body, to your etheric body, bliss body, to all your organs, to this life, for all the blessings etc!

Practicing these three consistently will help you improve your self-relationship and I am sure soon you will fall in love with yourself. Hope this short blog will help you transform your feelings of self-neglect to self-love and care. See you with another helpful blog!

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