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Join us on SELF TALK SHOW as we explore sustainable urban living with Cynthia Schaefer! From financial advisor to eco-advocate, Cynthia shares her journey and insights into transforming her urban home into an edible paradise. Discover innovative approaches to sustainability and the powerful connection between plants, wellness, and the planet. Tune in for practical tips and future trends in green living! 🌍


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   The Show

Ever find yourself scrolling through social media, comparing your life journey to others and feeling like they've got everything figured out? It's a common struggle. Instead of focusing on our growth, we end up stuck in routines, our personal lives a bit chaotic, and that nagging feeling of not measuring up. It's like we're playing a comparison game that only leads to unnecessary stress. 

If that sounds familiar, welcome to SELF TALK SHOW Podcast! We get it, and our mission is to be your guide through the ups and downs. We're here to help you navigate those messy moments, tackle negative self-talk, and provide effective tools for transformation.

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Information about the Show Host-Meetali Ohri


Image of Show Host-Meetali Ohri

Meetali Ohri

Meet the creative force behind the captivating Self Talk Show Podcast and author of books like Poetry in Motion, Street Surviving Pooch, and Our God. She excels in wildlife and plant photography, finding solace in the captivating essence of the natural world. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she's deeply connected to music and dance, a source of soul-stirring joy. What makes her unique is her unwavering dedication to motivating and inspiring others, fueled by a genuine love for empowering people to unleash their full potential.


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