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In today’s fast-paced work environment, pressure and stress are inevitable. But how you handle these challenges can make all the difference in your professional success and personal well-being.

Discover practical strategies to manage and mitigate workplace stress. Learn how to stay calm, focused, and productive even in the most demanding situations. Empower yourself with the tools you need to turn pressure into productivity and thrive in your career.

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   The Show

Welcome to SELF TALK SHOW,  the podcast that's all about rewiring your mind one conversation at a time. We human beings hold incredible power to shape our reality, starting from within.


Explore the art of self-talk – discovering how your inner dialogue influences every aspect of your life. From unleashing your full potential to answering the call of your inner voice, you'll be thoroughly guided on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Tune in to unlock the secrets of your own mind and unleash the limitless possibilities that lie within. This is SELF TALK SHOW – where your inner dialogue becomes your greatest superpower.

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Information about the Show Host-Meetali Ohri


Image of Show Host-Meetali Ohri

Meetali Ohri

Meet the creative force behind the captivating Self Talk Show Podcast and author of books like Poetry in Motion, Street Surviving Pooch, and Our God. She excels in wildlife and plant photography, finding solace in the captivating essence of the natural world. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she's deeply connected to music and dance, a source of soul-stirring joy. What makes her unique is her unwavering dedication to motivating and inspiring others, fueled by a genuine love for empowering people to unleash their full potential.


Unleash your full potential with my life-altering 1:1 counseling sessions! Discover profound breakthroughs, renewed purpose, and inner strength that propel you towards an extraordinary life.


Claim your FREE 10-minute session now and experience the transformative power firsthand. Email me to schedule your session today. Don't settle for ordinary when greatness awaits you!

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