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Join host Meetali Ohri in this impactful episode of "SELF TALK SHOW" as we tackle the challenging topic of toxic home environments. Explore the signs of toxicity, from constant conflict to emotional abuse, and gain insights into strategies for coping and healing.

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   The Show

A step by step guide to self-transformation.      Self Talk Show focuses on re-building your foundation, beliefs, thought patterns, mindset by using self-talks and other techniques to re-train and re-tune your subconscious mind that actually runs your life. Our motive is to help you become your own self-coach!

Rediscover,  Learn,  Grow and Manifest your desired life and the new you by working on your inner world and thriving in the external one

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Information about the Show Host-Meetali Ohri


Image of Show Host-Meetali Ohri

Meetali Ohri

Meet the creative force behind the captivating Self Talk Show Podcast and author of books like Poetry in Motion, Street Surviving Pooch, and Our God. She excels in wildlife and plant photography, finding solace in the captivating essence of the natural world. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she's deeply connected to music, a source of soul-stirring joy. What makes her unique is her unwavering dedication to motivating and inspiring others, fueled by a genuine love for empowering people to unleash their full potential.


Her life philosophy is both profound and simple: let go of expectations, embrace love, and watch as our lives become as clear and pure as pristine water—a perspective with the power to transform existence, bringing newfound clarity and purpose.

Unleash your full potential with my life-altering 1:1 counseling sessions! Discover profound breakthroughs, renewed purpose, and inner strength that propel you towards an extraordinary life.


Claim your FREE 10-minute session now and experience the transformative power firsthand. Email me to schedule your session today. Don't settle for ordinary when greatness awaits you!

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